Senior Investigator Profile

First NameSharon
Award StatusTerm 1
Current PostProfessor of Clinical Microbiology
DepartmentDepartment of Medicine
Telephone44 7872139229
InstitutionUniversity of Cambridge
NHS TrustCambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Region NameEast of England
Primary Research FieldMicrobiology - Clinical
Secondary Research FieldTropical Medicine
BiographyMy research focuses on implementing technologies into hospitals that permit rapid whole genome sequencing of pathogens such as multidrug-resistant bacteria that cause outbreaks, often in severely ill patients. Combined with epidemiological information such as patient location and movement, this can provide strong evidence to confirm or refute an outbreak and supports targeted infection control interventions to prevent further spread. My research group also use sequencing technologies to compare bacteria from patients, the hospital environment, livestock and the environment. This will inform our understanding of the extent to which drug-resistant pathogens are transmitted from livestock to humans, and where patients acquire infecting pathogens.

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