Senior Investigator Profile

First NameMartin
Award StatusEmeritus
Current PostProfessor of Clinical Effectiveness
DepartmentInstitute of Health and Society
InstitutionUniversity of Newcastle upon Tyne
NHS TrustNHS Newcastle West CCG
Region NameNorth East
Primary Research FieldPrimary Health Care
Secondary Research FieldPublic Health - Health Care Sciences & Services
BiographyMartin Eccles is Professor of Clinical Effectiveness and The William Leech Professor of Primary Care Research at Newcastle University. He runs the Effective Practice and Organisation of Care research programme. The overall aim of the programme is to improve patient outcomes through receiving appropriate healthcare. The programme covers four areas of study:systematic reviewing of the currently available knowledge, including developing clinical guidelines hypothesis generating studies, usually documenting current patterns of care hypothesis testing studies, usually randomised controlled trials of interventions to promote the uptake of research evidence into practice and an exploration of theory relevant to this area, in order to better understand clinician behaviour and design interventions to promote change. Professor Eccles is Past-President of the UK Society of Behavioural Medicine, Co-Editor in Chief of Implementation Science, Chair of NICE's Implementation Strategy Group and is now a Board Member of the NIHR Service Delivery and Organisation programme. He was Chair of the Guidelines Advisory Committee, NICE (2000-03) and has served as a member of research commissioning panels for the NIHR Health Technology Assessment programme, the NIHR Service Delivery and Organisation programme and the MRC Health Services and Public Health Research Board.  As a General Practitioner he works two afternoons a week in a semi-urban general practice in Northumberland.

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