Senior Investigator Profile

First NameKian Fan
Award StatusTerm 2
Current PostProfessor of Respiratory Medicine
DepartmentNational Heart & Lung Institute
Telephone+44 2075947954
InstitutionImperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
NHS TrustRoyal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
Region NameLondon
Primary Research FieldRespiratory Diseases
Secondary Research FieldPharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences
BiographyProfessor Chung is Professor of Respiratory Medicine at Imperial College London, and Consultant Physician at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London. He is active in the field of chronic airflow obstruction and chronic cough. He spearheads research into describing different forms of asthma, identifying biomarkers and looking for new treatments for people with severe asthma. He has co-led the first International Guidelines on the assessment and management of severe asthma. He has an interest in the effects of environmental pollutants on the lungs and in those with lung disease, particularly ultrafine particles that penetrate deep into the lungs. He is investigating the use of sensors and wireless technology as an aid for self-management of asthma and COPD. Professor Chung brings expertise in evaluating new research and treatments in respiratory airways diseases.

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