Senior Investigator Profile

First NamePhilip
Award StatusTerm 1
Current PostSection Head of Pathology and Tumour Biology
DepartmentPathology and Tumour Biology
Telephone+44 1133438407
InstitutionUniversity of Leeds
NHS TrustLeeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Region NameYorkshire and The Humber
Primary Research FieldPathology
Secondary Research FieldPathology
BiographyI study disease of the gut, mainly of the large bowel. He and his team identified the major cause of recurrence of lower bowel cancer as being a failure to excise the tumours and contributed to the redesign of the surgical operations to maximise the possibilities of cure improving survival. We have gone on to identify wide variation in the quality of bowel cancer surgery and are developing methods to improve these outcomes. Phil has played a role in the assessment of key hole and robotic surgery and its introduction into practice. The former amounts to half of all operations for bowel cancer. He has a major involvement in bowel cancer trials, leads the pathology in the NHS bowel cancer screening programme and has undertaken many studies into the genetic defects found in bowel cancer. Other contributions are to NHS and academic training in pathology and the development of young academic staff and undergraduates in Leeds and nationally. Elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2014.

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