Senior Investigator Profile

First NameSimon
Award StatusEmeritus
Current PostProfessor of Translational Neuroscience
DepartmentDepartment of Psychiatry
InstitutionUniversity of Oxford
NHS TrustOxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
Region NameSouth Central
Primary Research FieldNeurosciences
Secondary Research FieldPsychiatry - Old Age
BiographySimon Lovestone was appointed Professor of Translational Neuroscience at Oxford in February 2014. He studied microbiology and then medicine and has continued to practice both medicine and molecular science ever since. Professor Lovestone's research has focussed on understanding the molecular and cellular events that take place in dementia, especially the role of tau in Alzheimer’s disease with a view to drug development for secondary prevention. He also has an interest in the genetics and proteomics of late onset Alzheimer’s disease for use as biomarkers.

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