Senior Investigator Profile

First NameRosalind
Award StatusEmeritus
Current PostDirector of Institute of Child Health
DepartmentInstitute of Child Health, UCL
InstitutionUniversity College London
NHS TrustGreat Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust
Region NameLondon
Primary Research FieldPaediatrics
Secondary Research FieldPaediatrics
BiographyRosalind Smyth is Director of The Institute of Child Health at University College London and Honorary Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician at Great Ormond Street Hospital. She graduated in medicine from Clare College, Cambridge and University of London and trained in paediatrics in London, Cambridge and Liverpool. Until September 2012, she was Professor of Paediatric Medicine in Liverpool UK, where she was Director of the UK Medicines for Children Research Network, which supports all clinical research with children in England. Her current research interests include clinical studies of viral/host interactions in RSV bronchiolitis, clinical trials and systematic reviews of treatments for childhood respiratory disease. She is a member of the Commission on Human Medicine and chairs its Paediatric Expert Advisory Group. She is a Fellow and recent Council member of the Academy of Medical Sciences (UK) and a member of the Wellcome Trust's Clinical Interview Committee. She has developed a programme of research investigating RSV bronchiolitis, a condition which is responsible for 2-3% of all infants being admitted to hospital. Studies in infants with severe bronchiolitis have delineated immune responses to this infection, which may lead to new treatments. She is committed to making the results of rigorous scientific research freely available to all and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Public Library of Science since 2006.

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